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Stump Grinding

After experiencing the issue and cost of having trees expelled from your garden, why leave unattractive tree stumps in their place? Granulating those stumps down beneath the surface of the topsoil takes into account successful repair and replanting of the zone and keeps the spread of parasites.

Stump grinding is substantially less costly than stump expulsion procedures and it wipes out the unsettling influence of the encompassing garden zone. Call today Highfield Tree Services can help.

We have a variety of grinders small hand held for small areas with tight acces. A large remote controlled tracked chipper for your larger stumps. For much larger ones we have a monster that mounts onto the back of a tractor.

Stumgrinders are a large wheel with teeth on the outer edge which move up down side to side grinding the stump as it goes. You are left with a fine mulch similar to bark chippings or a hole ready dug out to replant another tree of your choice.

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